2.4GHz FASSTest Technology

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FASSTest is the latest revolution in Futaba 2.4GHz technology. The 18MZ is the first FASSTest system ever, a distinction which simultaneously makes it the first true 18-channel system in Futaba history, the most advanced 2.4GHz system in the world — and fully compatible with all FASST and S-FHSS systems. FASSTest technology also makes the 18MZ a bi-directional radio system capable of supporting a broad range of telemetry functions. Its high-voltage R7008SB receiver also offers modelers the unparalleled flexibility to use as many…or as few…of its 18 channels as desired.

And while the full list of FASSTest benefits is still in the making, one thing is clear: FASSTest technology has the potential to change the way 2.4GHz systems are designed forever.

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