Pattern Plane Models


by Chip Hyde

November 18, 2015

Here are a couple set up programs for the new 18SZ. One is for glow the other for electric.

  1. SCTUPEPP.MDL (electric)
  2. SCTUPICP.MDL (glow)

I set up the programs in order for the snap roll condition to be activated by the aileron stick switch D has to be flipped to the furthest up position. That is not how I fly but it's a safety for guys that are starting out.

Other than that switches A and B are the only active ones and you will see the condition menu change when they are flipped. Basically switch A is flipped up to the center position for spin entry (High Rate Elevator) and then all the way up for the spin condition itself.

Switch B is for Knife Edge looping type maneuvers in the center position and then stall turns all the way up.

I have entered and assigned all the conditions plus relabeled them, along with setting all the programmable mixes. I use a point mix on both rudder/ail and rudder/elevator and a linear mix on throttle/rudder and throttle/elevator.

The timer is set to the stick and the top left switch resets it. All AFR and Dual rates are setup the only thing a person should need to do is Servo REVERSING, Sub-trim, and endpoint adjust.

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