Setting up your Futaba 3PK and 3PKS for Marine racing use (Nitro Engine)

by Mike Zaborowski

August 31, 2010

The following steps use the power of the Futaba's superior programming to optimize your 3PK or 3PKS for Nitro marine racing use.

In marine racing applications we have no need for reverse or breaks and would rather have full use of the throttle servos travel. We also have to be careful not to push "full forward trigger" when in a panic situation, accidently closing the carburetor and shutting off our engine.

This short and simple tutorial will show you how to program the radio to use the large push switch located under the steering wheel (Push Switch 1 - SW-1) of your radio, to shut your engine off (Kill Switch) and at the same time get range full travel from the throttle servo.

Turn your radio on and select the model you wish to manipulate.

3PK - Enter menu 2 and scroll to (BOAT-MODE)
3PKS - Enter menu 1 and scroll to (BOAT)

Push the center of the scroll button to enter the BOAT/BOAT-MODE menu. Press either the + or - button located to the right of the scroll button. You will see *TRG-BRK switch this from NORMAL to CUT OFF. We want to use CUT OFF for this setup.

Back out of the menu by pressing the END button.

Now re-enter menu two (3PK/3PKS)

Scroll to:
Press the center scroll button to enter the SWITCH menu.

*SW1 programs the large thumb switch located under the wheel of your radio. We are going to program this switch into IDLE-UP mode. Using the + or - button scroll through the menus until you find IDLE-UP.

Push the end button to leave the SWITCH menu.

Re enter menu one (3PK/3PKS)
3PK - Scroll to IDLE-UP
3PKS - Scroll to IDLUP

Push the center scroll button to enter the IDLE-UP/IDLUP menu. Using the - button set the RATE to D (down) 50%. Note: You might have to adjust the rate amount depending on the amount of servo motion it takes to close the carburetor.

The settings are now saved and you can use the end button to back out of the menus.

The system is now optimized for Nitro RC boating.

A few tips. Its our experience that if you have been use to using the system in (Normal) that you need to back the throttle servo arm two more splines to allow for proper adjustments. Its also worth noting that you will find that around 60 to 80% EPA (End point adjustment) is all that is needed to fully open your carburetor.

Also remember.. to shut the motor off you must push and hold SW-1. Having said that it really only takes a few times to get the hang and benefit of this programming option.

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