Setup for GV1 with 6EX-2.4GHz transmitter

by Steve Helms, Futaba Corporation of America

November 11, 2008

Below are the steps required to program the 6EX-2.4G for two gyro settings and two governor settings. These instructions are applicable to the GY611, GY601, and GY502 gyros. They are not intended for use with gyros that do not allow you to select AVCS only from the gyro itself.

  1. In order to do so, it is necessary to acquire an AEC-16 dual servo adapter (FUTM4135). Plug the AEC-16 into channel 5 on the receiver. This is the gyro channel.

  2. Plug the lead from the gyro and the governor RPM select into the dual servo adapter.

  3. Next set the Gyro to AVCS only. Adjust he gyro function in the transmitter to a positive (+) number for the high rate gyro sensitivity and a negative (-) number for the low rate gyro sensitivity. For example, use +80 for the high gyro gain and -50 for low gyro gain. At this point, the gyro now functions with the AVCS and offers two different gain settings when the switch is flipped. Of course, the high gain position is utilized for hovering and the low gain is for aerobatic maneuvers.

  4. Scroll through the GV-1's menu until you access the RPM select screen. With the gyro switch in the high gain position for hovering, manually adjust the governor's settings to achieve the proper hovering RPM. To do so, utilize the data input lever located on the front of the transmitter.

  5. On the 6EX, move the gyro switch into the opposite position and adjust the RPM for aerobatics, accordingly. Follow the same procedure as noted in step 5, above.

  6. Scroll through the GV-1's menu to access the StSw (stick switch) option. Using the Data + or Data 1 key, activate this function. The Stick Switch function will turn the governor 'on' and 'off' at approximately 1/3 throttle. This is acceptable for hovering maneuvers. If however, you will be performing aerobatics, you will most likely reduce the throttle stick input below 1/3 throttle. As such, it is suggested that you create a V-shaped throttle curve in the idle up of the 6EX. This will allow the GV-1 to remain functional at all times except when you activate the throttle hold switch or go back to hover mode.

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