Using Programable Mix to set up a throttle hold (safety) with the 9Z

by Evan Chapkis

February 13, 2008

With glow or gas, our start up and safety procedures are pretty common, usually we solicit help from a caller or another pilot to start the aircraft. With electric's not always that way since the prop isn't turning. Bumping the throttle by accident is very easy to do when carrying out an electric. Bottom line is that our safety procedures are quite different in an electric because the prop is not spinning yet.

Using the Prog Mix, Throttle is Master and Throttle is the Slave. Using the Offset function set to 99%, assign the PMx to any switch. When the switch is activated, the throttle stick is null, no power to the engine. Now you can carry the aircraft out or at least get behind the aircraft with no worry of the engine possibly starting up. Helicopters have the throttle hold function to accomplish this.

I tried numerous ways to make this work using conditions as well because the functions I needed to change were not conditional, it effected the whole model. Engine cut function did not work either.

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