Setting up the 14MZ to mimic the VOL control used for low throttle setting on the 9Z series radios

by Chad Northeast

April 27, 2007

In F3A many of the speed controllers have proportional braking available on them, and a fine dial control while flying is far preferable to trying to use a trim level for adjustment in flight. In my experience ATL trims limited the trim effect to half stick and below, however that does not seem to be the case with the 14. In the 14MZ when using ATL trim you still get trim affect across the entire stick travel with the exception of the full throttle position. This can be a problem if you are adjusting idle as now your midrange throttle position is slightly affected. With electric motor throttle precision this is very noticeable in flight.

If you flew 9Z radios and enjoyed the ability to use the digital throttle trim as a rarely used coarse adjustment, and setup the VOL control in the throttle curve to give you fine idle adjustment on a slider or dial, then you are probably wondering how to make this work with the 14MZ.

Well its quite simple to do, and gives you the same result as the VOL control on the 9Z. It does however require the use of a P-Mix, but you should have plenty left over on the 14.

First step is to simply setup your throttle trim as you normally do on whichever digital trim level you choose. Setup the rate and step to give you the coarse trim response that suits your setup best. These settings can be found in the Linkage Menu under the Function button.

Next head over to the Model Menu and go into your Prog. Mixes screen. Choose any unused mixing area and select the button to enter into the mixing screen. From this point perform the following:

  • Set Master to Throttle
  • Set Slave to Throttle
  • Set curve type to Line
  • Under Fine Tuning, select the NULL button and assign whichever dial/slider you want to control the fine idle setting
  • Change display to Tune
  • Move your throttle stick to idle, and either use the line point closest to the stick position, or insert a new point at that location.
  • Set the Rate of that point to a small value, say 5%. +/- of that position will depend on which direction you want the dial/slider to work and if your throttle channel is reversed or not. Use the Servo Monitor screen to help you determine direction
  • In the Fine Tuning area, set the rate adjustment to 100%, and set the operation mode to VR setting (see pg 121 of the manual)
  • Ensure that the mix is set to on, and that if using conditions you set it to Combined

That's it! Double check by having the throttle stick at idle and moving your dial/slider that you can see the rate % changing at the top of the mixing screen.

Adjust %'s as required to get the proper feel for your particular throttle/airplane setup.

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