How do I set up the GV-1 with my 9Z radio?

by Ben Minor

Revised August 25, 2005

The following is just one way to set the GV-1 up with the 9Z and in no way represents the only method of doing so. This setup assigns the engine speed to the default idle up switch, giving you the ability to program three separate head speeds for normal/hover, idle up/flight condition one, and idle up/flight condition two. Also, these instructions will ensure that the governor reliably disengages when throttle hold is activated and when a receiver "hold" condition occurs. The setup also takes advantage of the ability to disengage the GV-1 with the flick of a toggle switch at any time during a flight, which is a comfort to many pilots and often quite useful to optimize engine tuning.

  1. The following is a breakdown of the leads on the GV-1 Amplifier

    1. Throttle lead into the channel 3 slot in your receiver
    2. GV-1 on/off lead into the channel 8 (AUX2) slot in your receiver
    3. GV-1 RPM select lead into the channel 7 (AUX1) slot in your receiver
    4. Throttle servo lead into the throttle slot in the GV-1 Amplifier (Note: It is very easy to accidentally plug the Throttle servo lead into the Mixture slot in the Amplifier. Use care here or setup difficulties can occur.)
    5. GV-1 Sensor lead into the Sensor slot in the GV-1 Amplifier.

  2. 9Z Transmitter setup. Please make sure your desired idle up conditions and throttle hold are activated before proceeding.

    1. In the FNC menu, assign the AUX-1 channel to switch E (default Idle Up) for GV-1 speed selection. Display for AUX-1 should read "***" for TRM and "+SE" for CTR. Normal/hover will be S1, Idle Up 1 will be S2, and Idle Up 2 will be S3.
    2. Assign AUX-2 channel to switch F for GV-1 on/off. Display for AUX-2 should read "***" for TRM and "+SF" for CTR. If the user prefers, assign it to another switch. It will make no difference.
    3. Servo Reversing: AUX-1 reversed and AUX-2 normal.
    4. Important! GV-1 on/off when in Throttle Hold: Enter AFR menu and select AUX-2. Toggle the Throttle Hold switch to the "On" position. Set Rate B to 0 (zero) percent. Rate A stays at 100%. The GV-1 now always disengages when Throttle Hold is toggled.
    5. Fail Safe: Enter the F/S menu. Set the throttle stick position to about 1/5 above idle. Exact position is not critical. For the THR channel, select F/S (NOR is default). These two tasks reduce the engine throttle to a little over idle and shut off the GV-1 when a hold condition occurs. It is important to accomplish these tasks. A model in hold with the GV-1 still activated is unsafe.

  3. GV-1 Amplifier setup

    1. RPM setting: S1/Hover RPM set to 1500 RPM. S2/S3 Idle Up RPM set to 1750RPM. These numbers are safe starting values only. Adjust as needed based on your particular flying style.
    2. Gear Ratio: The user will have to provide the model's gear ratio as per the model's instructions or technical data. Make certain the data is accurately entered or the model's head speed will not reflect the programmed settings.

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