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Radio System Parts

FTA6 Clip-On Screwdriver Photo
  • Parts for repair, replacement, maintenance and accessories for easier radio set-up and use

  • Servo Pot Element and Wiper (FUTM3600-3610) are genuine replacements for S11/14/16/17/20/21/23/25/26/27/125 servos

  • Heavy Duty Gimbal Springs (FUTM3640) are heavier springs for the 8U and 9Z radio systems.

  • If you're looking for parts for a particular radio system, please see our Radio Systems Parts Listings page.

Stock Numbers:
FUTM3640 Heavy Duty Gimbal Springs (3)
FUTM5685 FTA6 Clip-On Screwdriver - 3PB/9V
FUTM5692 FTA8 Neck Strap - 9VA/VH

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