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Servo Cases

Servo Cases photo
  • Helps modelers extend the life of servos with cracked or broken cases

  • An inexpensive alternative to total servo replacement an easy fix for most modelers

  • All cases are made to original specs of tough, impact-resistant plastic "S" numbers after descriptions identify compatible servos

Tech Notes
Stock Numbers:
FUTM2948 FCS3010 Case Set - S3305/3010/3050
FUTM3001 FCS3114 Case Set - S3114/3154
FUTM3015 FCS9550 Case Set - S9550
FUTM3020 FCS9202 Case Set - S9202
FUTM3025 FCS9351 Case Set - S9351
FUTM3030 FCS9255 Case Set - S9255
FUTM3057 FCS9203 Case Set - S9203/9402
FUTM3065 FCS9602 Case Set - S9602
FUTM3067 FCS9203 Case Set - S9203/4 9402
FUTM3069 FCS9451 Case Set - S9451
FUTM3072 FCS3151 Case Set - S3151
FUTM3431 FCS9650 Case Set - S9650

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