First flights with the Futaba GY520

You've heard the "buzz", but what you really want to know is "Just how good is is the GY520?"

The answer: very!.

We installed the GY520 into a brand-new Miniature Aircraft® Furion™ 450, and turned it over to a couple of our in-house pilots.

Here's what they had to say.

Kyle Stacey

I have flown many of the top gyros. They all work well. The GY520 just raised the bar. The crisp control and constant piro rate will make you think that you are hard wired to the tail. Powerful enough for my Stratus and Furion, small enough for my Hurricane 200.

Steve K.

  • "The GY520 set up very easily...I really like the way you set the limits..."
  • "With 50% gain, it lifted off after spool-up without a touch of the rudder stick. In slow hovering flight, the tail held perfectly with no input. It is a VERY locked-in feel."

Brian B.

  • "I had one test flight on a GY520-Furion 450 last night. Initial setup and installation were easy, no problems at all."
  • "Overall, the gyro holds through hard 3D maneuvers with no drift at all. Pirouettes, starting and stopping are rock-solid, and the gyro maintains a constant pirouette rate throughout maneuvers..."
  • "...overall, it feels like I just installed a GY611/S9256 combo in the model."
  • "Definitely the best performance gyro I have flown to date in a mini electric heli. I'll be curious to see how it performs in .50- and .90-sized machines as well."


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