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Receiver Technical Information

I am having a problem trying to use my non-Futaba digital servos with the R6014FS receiver; I think my receiver is bad. Should I send it in?

Whereas many previous receivers offered a signal output of 3.0 Volts, the latest generation of IC's has been designed to operate at lower voltages in order to increase their operational speeds. The R6014FS receiver utilizes such an IC and, as such, the nominal output voltage of the R6014FS receiver is 2.7 Volts.

While this variance in the output voltage will not affect most equipment in use today, it has been brought to our attention that some manufacturer's products are not capable of operation with the lower voltage. That is, they will not operate below 3.0 volts. Some examples of what we have had reported thus far includes sequencers, cut-off valves, older servo designs and some recent non-Futaba digital servos.

Some battery back-up devices might have difficulties with the lower operational voltages as well, although they might not appear to initially. One such device functions perfectly on the ground and during a range check, yet when the operational temperature reaches 50° C (122° F), the device actually requires 2.8 Volts in order to function properly. As such, the servos will cease to operate properly.

Many of the manufacturers are updating or refining their products to ensure compatibility with the lower operational voltages. Should you have any questions about the operation of such peripheral items we strongly suggest that you contact the manufacturer directly.

If you have already purchased items which are not capable of operation below 3.0 Volts, we suggest that you either replace the item with an updated version or utilize a device to increase the voltage accordingly. There are a number of readily available devices that may be used to increase the voltage such as: ElectroDynamics' Buffer-Amplifier Interface, Duralite's PowerBox (manufactured within the last six months), EMcotec's DPSI products, etc.

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