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Gyros FAQ

Do you have any tips for mounting the GY520?

Due to the high performance of the gyro, it is sensitive to any harmonics and/or vibrations. As such, the mounting methodology is very critical. The user needs to experiment with the isolation tape and the location of the gyro itself.

To determine if a problem exists, the modeler should bring the helicopter into a hover and observe the tail for any unintentional movement. If any exists, the modeler should change the tape configuration. To start with, the modeler should use a single 2mm piece of tape. Next, add the second piece of 2mm tape with the metal plate between them for added stability.

It is also important to observe the 'drift' of the gyro when in the heading hold mode. If the helicopter drifts, rotate the gyro by 90-degrees. This allows the gyro to 'see' the helicopter on a different axis.

And last if problems are noted and the above suggestions do not resolve the issue, the modeler should change the location of the gyro itself within the helicopter.

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