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Frequency FAQ

What frequency is channel xx?

Please refer to our radio frequency chart.

I have a European FC28 radio I am bringing to the U.S. What module can I use to legally and safely operate on U.S. frequencies?

The Futaba module which begins TK, which is produced for the 9Z radios, is safe and legal for use in the U.S. in your FC28 radio. (FUTL17**)

Can I use a ground radio like the 3PJS on 50MHz (Ham band, 6 meters)? I am a licensed HAM user.

Yes. None of the ground radios are specifically distributed on ground frequencies; however, if you are using a modular radio such as the 3PJS which uses the TJ module, you can exchange the module with the TP or TK module (designed for the 8U and 9Z aircraft radios) on 50MHz. You will also have to purchase an R127DF or similar receiver on 50MHz. At this time no 3-channel car receivers are available on 50MHz.

Who can use a radio system on 50 or 53MHz in the U.S.? If an authorized user is flying on 50MHz, can a non-licensed operator fly on a buddy cord or with the supervision of the licensed operator?

Per the FCC regulations:

Operation in the 50 and 53 MHZ bands within the U.S. require holding an amateur operator's license. Only these amateur license holders are permitted to use radio links to control "model craft", such as model airplanes and boats. Certain restrictions apply [97.215] on this kind of operation:

  • Station identification is not required for transmission directed only to the model craft. The control transmitter must bear a label indicating the station's call sign and the licensee's name and address [97.215(a)].
  • Control signals are not considered codes and ciphers [97.215(b)].
  • Transmitter power cannot exceed 1 W [97.215(c)].
  • Only licensed amateurs may operate telecommand transmitters using amateur frequencies.

While unlicensed persons may participate as "third parties" in most amateur operations, they may not participate in telecommand operation (R/C flight). This is true even when a licensed amateur is closely supervising the operation. The FCC says that the one-way transmissions involved in telecommand does not constitute third-party messages exchanged between control operators. Non-amateurs must use equipment and frequencies in the Radio Control Service bands. If licensed amateurs wish to use amateur equipment and frequencies for model telecommand, it is their responsibility to be sure that they can safely operate the equipment while observing the FCC's Rules.

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