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FASST Technology FAQ

I can't get my TM-14 Module to work with my transmitter. I live in Europe and purchased this from the US, is there something wrong?

If you purchase a TM-14 Module and R6014FS receiver from the United States, please be aware that this can only be used with a transmitter that is using the America country code. The modules sold in the United States will not work in transmitters that are coded for anything other that America.

If you would like to update your 14MZ, 12Z or 12FG for use with 2.4GHz, you will need to use the update posted by the Futaba Distributor in your country. You will also then need to purchase a TM-14 Module and R6014FS receiver from your local Distributor to be able to utilize the advantages of 2.4GHz.

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