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Radio System FAQ

Comparing all versions of 9Z, 9Z W, WC2, including A, H, and S models.
  1. What are the differences between a 9Z*P, W, and WC2 editions?
  2. What are the differences between an A and H transmitter?
  3. What makes a radio an S model?
What are the differences between a 9Z*P, W, and WC2 editions?

The changes from the 9ZAP to ALL WC models (9ZAW, ZHW, ZHWS, ZAWII ZHWII): (NOTE: All other functions of the 9ZAP are still with this radio.)

  • Rename of dials from VRA/VRB to Left and Right Dials for ease of use
  • New fuel mixture control functions (FMC)
  • New Gyro Sense Mixing Function for Gyros (501 and others)

The changes from the 9ZAW to the WC2 radios are:

  • Four 3-position switches on the face
  • Distinctive blue markings and ergonomic sticks
  • Tx packaged without Receiver, servos, or MODULE
  • 1100mah transmitter battery and 1500mah receiver battery
  • Increased frame rate around center for digital servo response time (analog servos cannot take advantage of this increased rate)
  • Tx case silkscreened to clearly identify the WC2

Differences between 9ZAWII and 9ZHWII radios:

  • The 9ZH defaults to helicopter models and has no throttle ratchet.
  • The 9ZA defaults to aircraft models and has a throttle ratchet.
What are the differences between an A and an H transmitter:

A transmitters have a throttle ratchet to help hold the throttle steady while applying rudder. They also have a slightly different switch layout, with the trainer switch in easy reach for the less-busy left-hand.

H transmitters have no ratchet on the throttle for perfect hovering, and the trainer switch to the right side due to the importance of keeping the throttle/pitch hand in place.

There MAY be differences also in what is packaged with each radio, including the size of the transmitter and receiver battery packs.

What makes a radio an "S"?

A 9Z family radio bears the S designation if it shipped packaged with the R309DPS synthesized receiver and TP-PK-FSS synthesized module.

If a 9Z does not already have an FSS module, then you can always purchase and install an FSS to use the special capabilities of this radio.

Can the 9Z's synthesized module and receiver be used with non-synthesized modules and receivers? See /faq/faq-9z-q180.html

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