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Radio System FAQ

Can the 9Z radios handle 140 degree CCPM? If so, how?

All 9Z family radios have always been able to support 140 degree CCPM by simply using either SR3 or SN3, depending upon heli setup type and a little creative mixing.

Per World Renowned Helicopter Pilot Dwight Shilling:

        In order to accommodate a 140 CCPM setup with the 9Z requires the use of one program mix. The program mix that is necessary is elevator as Master to pitch as Slave. With my Caliber it requires -35% down linear mix and -33 up linear mix. The only other change is in the SWH menu. The elevator rate will need to be increased to approximately 70 to give the same control input as the standard 120 CCPM using a rate of 50. With these changes the Futaba will fly 140 CCPM perfectly. That is the setup I flew at the NATS with the Caliber. Using the 140 CCPM gives a more precise feel to the elevator inputs but does not change the collective or aileron feel.

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