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Radio System FAQ

I want to set up a safety on one of the auxiliary features on my model. For example, I want my speed brakes to fully retract automatically if my throttle goes above 1/3 throttle (I'd be making a go-around) to avoid the possibility of stalling the plane. How can I do that?

There are many ways you could do this. One would be to use a condition which is only triggered when your throttle stick is above 1/2 stick.

Another is using some complex mixing logic in a single condition. Lets talk about the logic first, then do the programming steps.

What do we want? Speed brake control on the left slider EXCEPT if throttle goes above 1/2 stick then the speed brakes return to their neutral position. How do we do it?

First, plug the speed brakes into channel 5 and set the neutral position as fully retracted. Properly set up the other end on ATV to be the desired maximum drop distance.

Now, they work just as desired, except that they're always active, even if you throttle up. So, what we want now is a mix that returns the servo to neutral regardless of the slider's position and the mix needs to be activated by throttle stick position.

With all servos hooked up be sure everything operates properly.

___Now, go to PMIX O B I
___Select an unused mix (example mix 1—F)
___Make it active A F
___Select speed brake as both master and slave B I C I
___Select type linear D E
___Trim inhibited R G
___Set the % as -100% on both sides, no offset (you can use an offset to fully close the flaps if they aren't closing properly on their own) C M E D M E N
___Select the switch screen P then stick screen O
___Select throttle stick C
___Put the physical throttle stick into the desired position for it to switch and then press set Q
___Does it read ACT at the top of the scale and INH at the bottom? good. the mix is active above that stick position and not below it. If its the other way around, press P to reverse them.

That's it!

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