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9C Radio System FAQ

General Questions

  1. Training Information

  2. Are there updates to the U.S. manual?

  3. Why can I not use my 9th channel with my (list one) FM receiver?

  4. If my receiver is PCM, do I need a PCM module or PCM crystal for my transmitter? Do I need PCM crystals for it?

  5. How do I change this radio from FM to PCM or vice versa?

  6. How does the 9C compare to the 8U Super?

  7. What is Servo Test?

  8. Can I turn off the RF output like on the 9Z?

  9. Can I use my computer radio in a different MODE (ie. mode 1)?

  10. How to change modes (mode 1, mode 2, etc).

  11. I own a 6X (or 8U or 9Z or 9C) airplane radio. I want to use it with helicopters. How do I get it changed?

  12. What receivers can I use with my transmitter other than the model which shipped with the radio?

  13. Information on changing bands from 72 to 75, and others.

  14. What battery pack and battery door does the 9C use?

  15. What do the sliders do?

  16. Does the 9C have the ability to change trim assignments or do cross trims?

  17. What is "limiter ATV"? Does the 9C have this?

  18. Can I replace the antenna in my 9C myself?

  19. If I remove my transmitter battery will I lose all my data? Does my radio have a lithium battery to store all my programming, or how is this data stored? Do I need to service this memory in any way?

  20. Adjusting screen contrast.

  21. Can the 9C be discharged through the charge circuit?

  22. How do I reset the system timer on the main screen?

  23. Can I copy a model from my 9C(A or H) F/P radio to my 9Z or 8U family radio using the CAMPac, or vice versa?

  24. Please explain dual rates/DR/AFR, exponential, and ATV/EPA and how they are related.

  25. I am thinking of purchasing an aftermarket Tx module for my module radio. Is this okay to do? Does this affect my warranty?

  26. Can I unscrew the antenna from my 9C?

  27. What is 'battery fail-safe'? What does this mean? How does it work?

  28. When I am using my radio for programming, setup within my house, experimenting, etc, is there anything special I should do?

  29. Can the 9C provide TRIPLE RATES?

  30. Can I use synthesized equipment with this radio?

  31. My transmitter occasionally gives a very long beep, not associated with my timer or anything. What does this mean?

  32. The transmitter beeps twice on boot up and the light under TIM blinks regularly. Is this normal?

  33. I want to use my radio with a student's radio. How can I let the student use all of the programming, mixes, etc that my radio has to offer?

  34. When I turn on my radio, I get a warning which says (throttle cut, idle down, snap roll, air brake, butterfly, inverted, throttle hold, or idle up). I've tried moving every switch on the radio, and I can change the error but not get rid of it. I cannot operate my radio. What do I do?

  35. How do I store the trims after a flight?

  36. Is there any risk to using cellular phones in close proximity with my radio?

  37. I see a trim change on one channel when I go from high rate to low rate. I am not changing conditions, just going to low rate. What's wrong?

  38. I want to move a function from one control input to a different one. For example, I want to move flaps from the dial onto the slider on an aerobat. How can I do this?

  39. My radio's sticks don't operate right. For example, the throttle and elevator are crossed, or the rudder and aileron are crossed. What's wrong? What do I do?

  40. I cannot shut off my throttle with the trim on my 9C. The trim lever seems to work at the top half of the stick not the bottom. How can I adjust this?

  41. I was using my radio, and suddenly my throttle servo went to idle. If I pull my throttle stick all the way back and then move it again, it works for a while and does it again. Am I doing something wrong?

  42. How do I turn off the dial which is affecting, for example, the channel 7 servo?

  43. I want to create a mix which is only active if my throttle is above a certain point. For example, I only want my smoke to come on if my throttle is above 1/2 to avoid killing the engine. But I want this assigned to a switch so that I can shut this mix off at will. How can I do this?

  44. How do I set up a heading hold gyro in a heli model? How about acro/glider models?

  45. Do the dials and sliders have markers for center?

  46. Can I use the PA2 in conjunction with fail-safe on my PCM transmitter to help protect my airplane in the event of interference?

  47. We have a very short runway at our field, how do I set my plane up to cut down on landing distance?

  48. If I am using the DSC cord on my 9C, do I still need to extend one section of the antenna or remove the module?

  49. Can I copy models from my older 9C into my new 9C Super?

  50. Can I purchase a flight pack in the PCM mode?

  51. I have noticed on my 9C that the PCM indicator flashes. What is the reason for this?

  52. Is it possible to use the 3PK 2.4GHZ module system in the 9C or other such module based transmitters?

  53. I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

Airplane Programming

  1. My ailerons work fine, but when I turn the flap knob they both move as ailerons. What's wrong?

  2. I want to use twin aileron servos (flaperons) with a 5 channel receiver, so my second servo must be plugged into channel 5 not channel 6. How do I do that?

  3. Can I assign flaperons, elevons, or ailevators to a switch so they're only functional sometimes (I want to use them for special stunts but not the rest of the time)?

  4. I am setting up flaperons on my 9C. The flaperon function works great for the ailerons, but I can't seem to operate the flaps. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Turning gyro on/off with gear switch (for take offs/landings).

  6. I want to set up two servos to operate a single surface, but not use a preset feature like flaperons or ailevators to do so. How can I do this with a mix?

  7. How do I set up flaperons with a 6+ channel receiver?

  8. I want to be able to drop a set amount of flaps or elevators or both for certain flight conditions (such as launching a glider). Can my 9C do this?

  9. What is the easiest way to do twin elevator servos?

  10. How do I get aileron differential WITH flaperons?

  11. Can I set up "air braking" with my twin rudders on my twin tail model?

  12. How can I vary my onboard glow with throttle position?

  13. When I go to the throttle cut screen in an aircraft model, the throttle position option is not shown. Am I doing something wrong?

  14. When using the elevon feature of my computer radio, I give elevator input and the surfaces move like ailerons. When I give aileron input they move like elevators. What's wrong?

  15. How do I program a four-servo delta wing setup? I want to make the two servos in each wing act as both elevator and aileron.

  16. Can this radio do 'crow'?

  17. How can I set up a 6-servo glider to use outer ailerons, inner ailerons and flaps or spoilers?

  18. When using a 2-servo function like Ailevator with digital servos, I notice a small lag in the response time of the second servo. How can I fix this?

  19. How can I set up V-Tail mixing and still have a steerable nosewheel that does NOT respond to the elevator input?

  20. How do I set up the 9C for a Delta (flying) wing with Dual rudders? Can I use the dual rudders as air brake?

  21. How do I set up 4 aileron servos on a biplane?

  22. How do I keep from overdriving my throttle servo when using an elevator-to-throttle or aileron-to-throttle mix?

  23. I am setting up a twin engined-model and want to be able to command the engines separately at certain times. Specifically, I always want the engines to respond only to the throttle stick (never any knobs or other items), and I want the left engine to operate alone if the C switch is in the up position with the right engine at idle; the left and right engines operating together in the C center position, and the right engine to operate alone in the C down position, with the left engine at idle. Can I do this?

  24. How can I put expo or a curve into my throttle channel to give me linear throttle reaction?

  25. I want to set up a safety on one of the auxiliary features on my model. For example, I want my speed brakes to fully retract automatically if my throttle goes above 1/3 throttle (I'd be making a go-around) to avoid the possibility of stalling the plane. How can I do that?

  26. How can I set up a twin that uses rudder-to-throttle mixing to have throttle aid water steering and slow speed steering? The rudder-to-throttle mixing should not function when above 1/2 throttle. I also want to have one engine only options on throttle.

  27. What are twin aileron servos and flaperons? Are they beneficial?

  28. My airplane's electric motor runs in the wrong direction. What do I do?

  29. I am setting up an Ultra Stick with my 9C radio. All of your current FAQ's only tell me how to set this up only with a Y-harness for the elevator servos, but I want to use the Ailvator function, with two separate elevator servos so that I can use them separately also. Can I do this?

  30. I would like to set up my Ultra Stick to have my elevator lower when I lower the flaps. I have already set up everything per the FAQ and also did the Full Span Ailerons per the FAQ and it works fine, but how do I set up my elevator?

  31. Can I use a gyro in an airplane? When is it a good idea?

  32. On the 351 gyro, can I use flaperons while in heading hold mode?

  33. I want to have a "throttle lock" that will prevent the accidental bumping of the throttle stick causing my motor/engine to increase in speed. How can I do this?

  34. I want to set up "Spoilerons" on my 9C, but I would like them activated on a switch so that I have Flaperons normally but the Spoilerons when I flip the switch, can you help me?

  35. I am using a 4-channel receiver and I have my ailerons in channels 1 and 4, I can do a mix and my aileron action right, but I don't know how to get elevator to flap and flap action with my 9C, can you help me?

  36. My 9C manual says that I can use the "servo slow" option on a different channel other than my throttle, but it defaults to channel 3 only, is there a way that I can use this with a different channel as the manual suggests?

  37. I would like to have some down flaps assigned to my throttle, but only want them active at a certain point, but I would also like 100% down flap at full throttle. But I also want to be able to shut this mix off with a switch, is this possible?

  38. I am using FAQ #24 for my 9C and assigning channel 7 to Idle control on the VR-A, how can I set up for Throttle Kill and Idle Down for both engines on the same switch?

  39. I am flying a Turbine jet with my 9C. I would like to be able to be able to raise my retracts up and down with my channel 7 gain knob I am using for my Gyro, yet also be able to shut this off whenever I like. Can I do this?

  40. How about setting up a complex 7-servo or 8-servo aerobat on the 9C with 2-each flap and aileron servos such as the Hanger 9 Ultra Stick?

  41. I am setting up a Delta/Flying Wing plane with my 9C/S and I am having problems getting the control surfaces to function correctly, can you explain any easy way to do this?

  42. I want to setup throttle differential on my seaplane. Can you help me set this up?

Helicopter Programming

  1. How is the gyro programming improved over the 8U's gyro programming?

  2. Please explain the gyro options.

  3. My throttle trim, throttle hold, or throttle curve functions seem to be working backward. For example, my trim only affects the high end not the low end. What's wrong?

  4. Can the 9C do 140 CCPM?

  5. How can I set up a 45-degree CCPM?

  6. How can I fly a non-CCPM heli on a 5-channel receiver?

  7. My model is CCPM but one of the functions is backwards. For example, my elevator servo is forward on my swash plate, not aft, so the elevator function works backwars. How do I fix that?

  8. 140CCPM

  9. I am having problems with my 120 CCPM set up. All the servos seem to be going the right way, but my pitch is still backwards. What's wrong?

  10. I want to set up a throttle cut condition on my helicopter that only operates in normal, not in any of my IDLE UPS. How can I do this? (I am afraid I'll bump the throttle cut when reaching for certain other switches in inverted flight.)

  11. Can I fine tune my governor settings in flight? That is to say, adjust from say 1500 to 1525?

  12. I'm fairly new to helicopters. How do I know what servos to use?

  13. I have my gyro mounted onto a graphite plate in my chopper and am seeing some slight drifting. Is there anything I can do about this?

  14. My model shows no wag in a hover, but after a pirouhette the tail wags briefly.

  15. What is the proper way to turn on my heli/aircraft, and then carry it out to the flight line?

  16. The CCPM management is not correct in my radio, as my servos do not work in parallel. It must be in the programming, what is wrong with my radio?

  17. I am new to helicopters and I see a lot of swash types to choose from. What do they mean and which one do I use? Also, what is eCCPM?

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