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Radio System FAQ

When I turn on my radio, I get a warning which says (throttle cut, idle down, snap roll, air brake, butterfly, inverted, throttle hold, or idle up). I've tried moving every switch on the radio, and I can change the error but not get rid of it. I cannot operate my radio. What do I do?

The 8U family of radios has a safety feature which will not allow you to attempt to start your model in any of these 'non-base' set ups for safety reasons. Unfortunately, from what you describe, you have accidentally programmed two or more of these features to the same switch, so that no matter what position that switch is in, one of these mixers is active and so you cannot operate the radio. This is a programming error that is a very important one to avoid for the obvious reason that it makes your radio inoperable and if it did not make your radio inoperable it would make your model potentially unsafe to operate.

8U non-super owners: Unfortunately, there is no override to get past this user set up error in the 8U. You will need to send your radio for service so the Futaba service team can override this error. The service team will also turn off the offending features or, if they cannot easily do so, then will blank the model's memory so that your radio will be operable again. As we no longer work on these old radios, you may want to contact Radio South to see if they can take care of this for you. Their information is:

Tony Stillman, President
Radio South, Inc.
139 Altama Connector, Box 322
Brunswick, GA 31525

8U Super owners: The 8U Super includes an override to get around this programming error. Simply press the +/- keys simultaneously. This will temporarily override the error; however, for the safety of yourself, your model, and others, PLEASE immediately access the programming and fix the error.

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