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Radio System FAQ

What is 'battery fail-safe'? What does this mean? How does it work?

Battery fail-safe is an automatic safety function of the 6X Super computer radio. When the receiver's battery voltage drops below a predetermined cutoff (approximately 3.8v) and remains there for more than a set amount of time (several seconds — this allows for occasional hard drains caused by violent maneuvers such as snaps which immediately returns the voltage back to above 3.8v), the receiver recognizes that you are in a dangerous condition, and brings your throttle servo to a high idle. This is a warning that you must safely retrieve the model (land for aircraft/helicopters), as you are reaching a point where there will not be sufficient voltage to operate the receiver.

How does it work? The transmitter periodically sends commands to the receiver that are to be used in the event of a fail-safe situation. When the receiver determines a fail-safe situation is occurring, it obeys these stored commands. In a battery fail-safe situation it obeys only the throttle command but obeys regular transmitter commands for all other channels. It continues to analyze the transmitter's commands for throttle, and when the transmitter command is the one set as the 'reset' for the fail-safe is received then it releases the fail-safe hold on throttle.

As an additional safety of this feature, you can pull your throttle stick to idle and readvance it, allowing you to use power to return the model to you, and you will have throttle control for approximately 30 seconds before the feature reactivates, returning the throttle to high idle. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU LAND OR OTHERWISE RETRIEVE YOUR MODEL IMMEDIATELY BEFORE LOSING CONTROL OF THE MODEL ALTOGETHER.

Special note for 6V battery users: By the time a 6V battery pack has dropped to 3.8v, the battery is discharging VERY rapidly. As a result, by the time the throttle warning occurs, it is very likely that you do not have sufficient voltage to support the receiver long enough to land/return your model to you safely. If you are using a 6v receiver pack you MUST be sure to keep a very careful eye on your receiver voltage and watch extra carefully for high drain problems to avoid the loss of your model, as this safety feature will not operate properly in these conditions.

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