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4YF Radio System FAQ

  1. I don't understand the red and green battery LED's on my 4YF, how do I know when my batteries are charged and when they are getting low?

  2. Is there any risk to using cellular phones in close proximity with my radio?

  3. What receivers can I use with my transmitter other than the one that was shipped with the radio?

  4. Can I cycle my battery in my 4YF through the charge jack, or is it "diode protected" as other Futaba radios are?

  5. How does a trainer system work?

  6. What is a "buddy box" or "trainer box"?

  7. Do I have to use a buddy box?

  8. What about the frequency or channel of the student radio?

  9. Does the student radio have to be the same modulation as the master?

  10. What happens if the trainer cord is pulled out while in use?

  11. Why do you list different trainer cords?

  12. Can I use a different brand radio as the student with my Futaba?

  13. Does the student radio need to be on or off?

  14. What's the proper sequence to setting up to train?

  15. When I am using my radio for programming, setup within my house, experimenting, etc, is there anything special I should do?

  16. Can I purchase a flight pack in the PCM mode?

  17. I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

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