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General Questions

  1. Is the 14MZ/12Z/12FG being discontinued? I am in the process of acquiring two 14 MZ transmitters on 72 MHz and have been told by some hobby shops that this radio and the 12Z is soon to be discontinued, is this true?

  2. I have read on all the RC Forums that I need to cut my G3's antenna. Is this correct?

  3. Can you tell me what is wrong with the G3 receiver? I keep reading negative comments about it on the RC forums.

  4. Is it possible to utilize the updates for the 14MZ in a 12Z transmitter?

  5. When I set up my plane/glider/heli, do I have to go with the standard receiver plug configuration?

  6. Can you tell me what the frame rate of PCMG3 is?

  7. Can I use two receivers with my 12Z? And if I can how do I enter two receiver ID numbers?

  8. Can I transfer data from my 9Z's Campac into my 12Z?

  9. I discovered that I am missing some functions in my 12Z. If I have PCM-G3 selected then I have two rows of F/S options available, but if I select PCM-1024, then the second row (B F/S) disappears and obviously if PPM is selected, there is no F/S option at all. Also in the End Points don't have two rows of options if I am in PCM-1024?

  10. I see the 12Z comes in two versions, Airplane and Heli. What are the differences?

  11. I see that there is a Hardware Reverse and a Servo Reverse in my transmitter, what is the difference and when should I use Hardware Reverse?

  12. I notice in the manual that it talks about the grouping of channels such as 1 thru 3 and 4 thru 6...what does this mean and why is it set up this way?

  13. Can I adjust the speed of my servos on the 12Z?

  14. How long can I run my 12Z before I need to recharge my battery?

  15. What is Priority Condition?

  16. Can I use aftermarket batteries for my 12Z? I see they look like a cam-corder battery and I can pick one of these up at any electronics store.

  17. I set my ID number and locked myself out of my 12Z, can you tell me how to reset this?

  18. I am trying to send my model setup to a friend but can't copy and paste or even view anything in the model folder. I use Windows XP and "normal" programs. What should I do to send him the files?

  19. Is the R5014DPS receiver dual conversion?

  20. Please advise the proper way and the distance one should get when range checking an airplane on the ground with the 12Z. Thank you.

  21. Will the airport security x-ray machine have an adverse affect on the transmitter stored memory bank if the transmitter is subjected to an inspection by being run-thru the x-ray machine?

  22. Is possible control the timer sound (volume louder I mean) and the alarms?

  23. Binding Servos! I have 2 rudder servos on the outside of my fuse. Both servo arms are sticking up, this makes one servo arm on the left side of the servo, the other on the right. One servo needs no sub-trim at all, its arm is 90 degrees to the servo. The other requires quite a bit for its arm to be 90 degrees to the servo. Reversing the arm 180 degrees on either servo has no effect. When the sub-trim is adjusted on just one servo, it is throwing everything else off. I am using aluminum arms, but it seems like the uneven number of splines on the output shaft may be causing a problem. Help!

  24. If I remove my transmitter battery will I lose all my data? Does my radio have a lithium battery to store all my programming, or how is this data stored? Do I need to service this memory in any way?

  25. I would like to purchase a 50 MHz module for my 12Z, do I need to send this into the service center to have it changed for me?

  26. I have everything figured out on my radio, except the "speed in -> speed out" which shows up in a number of places. I have played with the numbers while watching a servo plugged in to the receiver and I can't see any difference no matter what I do. Can you explain what it is supposed to be doing, and why you want to do it?

  27. Can you tell me why I cannot get my throttle stick on my 9Z/12Z/14MZ to go full throw up and down? It stops short of going fully up and down by one white mark.

  28. Where do I go to get to set up my trims for Separate or Combined? I can't find it.

  29. I cannot find some of my planes that I had in my 14MZ in my 12Z. I inserted the CF card into my new 12Z but when I go into the Model select Function, some of them are just not there? Help!

  30. I have noticed on my 12Z case that the printing is upside down by my handle, can you guys fix this or send me a new case?

  31. I am coming to/leaving the US next month and want to use my 14MZ (12Z) while I am here/overseas. If I purchase a new module and receiver, can I just plug these in and use them in my transmitter?

  32. I have an FX40 and would like to use the module from it in my new 12Z/14MZ, is this okay to do?

  33. How do I install and setup the 5014 DPS receiver?

  34. I have noticed a green indicator of some type on the bottom of my 14MZ/12Z's lithium battery. Sometimes I see it, other times I don't. What is this?

  35. Could you tell me the differences between the R5014DPS and the R5114DPS?

  36. I am adding conditions to my radio and setting the activation switch. Now I have 2 conditions, Condition 1 and Condition 2. I copied Cond. 1 to Cond 2. When I turn on the switch, Cond. 2 becomes active on the display. When I make changes, any change on Cond. 2 applies to both conditions.

  37. I can't get my TM-14 Module to work with my transmitter. I live in Europe and purchased this from the US, is there something wrong?

  38. I am having a problem trying to use my non-Futaba digital servos with the R6014FS receiver; I think my receiver is bad. Should I send it in?

  39. The 9Z transmitter had a "Throttle Lock" to prevent accidentally bumping the throttle stick and causing problems. Is there something like this on my new radio, I don't see it in the menu.

  40. I want to set up my plane with Dual Receivers. I have two R608FS and I want to use Y-harnesses putting one servo on one lead, and take the one of the two other connectors into each of two receivers. I am doing this as backup in case of failure of either of the receivers. They will both be supplied with separate power sources of course. Is there anything wrong with this idea?

  41. How do I setup Dual Rates on my 12Z?

  42. How do I setup Triple Rates on my 12Z?

  43. How do I set up Flaperons on my transmitter, I don't see the menu?

  44. Can you explain "Conditions" for me?

  45. What are some basic steps to get started programming for my plane?

  46. What is a "virtual" channel and how do I use one?

  47. Can you explain AFR to me?

  48. I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

Airplane Programming

  1. I have a 12Z and have set up my plane, using two ailerons and two elevators. Ailevator is active and all throws are in the right direction with the correct throws. However when I go to my AFR screen and add Dual rates to my aircraft, the dual rates only work on the Aileron or Elevator, with Aileron 2 and Elevator 2 still at full movement. What is the correct way to set up the plane so that the dual rates work on both Ailerons and both Elevators?

  2. When I go into my Dual Rates, I notice that I have a row of double arrowed buttons above the single arrow buttons. This is when I am in either Line or Spline, but when I use it, it looks as though it actually "splits" my curve point. What is this for?

  3. I want to set up my plane just like I had it with my 9C. It has two ailerons and I want to be able to use them as this, then also at the turn of a dial, I would like them to be Flaps. Since there is no Flaperon function, how do I do this?

  4. I want to use one of the 3 position switches for Flap usage, e.g. Down=Off, 1= 15%, and 2 = 40%. This should be done by the ailerons, and they should still function as Ailerons. Can you help?

  5. The 9Z has a default "ALT" switch that can be set to any channel. This allows you to flip your trainer switch and have the mix stay active until it is flipped once more to shut it off. While the 12Z has this prebuilt into some functions, but I do not see this as its own menu as it is in the 9z. Is there some way to assign this for my smoke function?

  6. I want to setup a four engine plane such that I can start all engines and then put 3 engines on hold while I run-up and tune the first. Then do each engine as the first. I see the screen but I don't understand how to do what I've described. Some help please?

  7. I still cannot figure out how to have Dual rates and exponential at the same time. I only see one place to set this up, but every time I try to put in expo, it erases my D/R settings. How do I lock in the dual rates and then setup expo?

  8. Is it possible to activate a 3rd condition that is only effective when the 2nd condition becomes effective? An example is: I have a snap condition that is activated by full up elevator. I don't want the condition activated every time I go to full up elevator. I tried putting this on a switch but the ailerons became too sensitive to fly that way. Any suggestions?

  9. I would like to setup multi engines with separate trim control and throttle cut on my 12Z, can you help me with this?

  10. I am trying to set up a snap mix that will control the total amount of throw on my other control surfaces move my throttle. An example would be; at idle I would get 30% up and down elevator, at full throttle I would get only 20%. I would also like a smooth transition in the elevator from low to high.

  11. I am setting up a 4 engine model on my 12Z, where I want to use switch SE to control the following: SE Pos 1 : Eng 1&3 is controlled by J3 and Eng2&4 is controlled by LS; SE Pos 2 : Eng 2&4 is controlled by J3 and Eng1&3 is controlled by LS; SE Pos 3 : Eng 1-4 is controlled by J3

  12. I am setting up a Delta/Flying Wing plane with my 12Z and I am having problems getting the control surfaces to function correctly, can you explain any easy way to do this?

  13. For the 12Z, each Program Mixer submenu has 3 pages (screens). On the third page, in between the SWITCH field and DELAY field, there is a field titled MASTER. It can be set to either SLAVE or MASTER. The default setting seems to be SLAVE. This field is not pictured or mentioned in the manual. What does this setting do?

  14. On the 9 ZAWS, in addition to the digital throttle trim, I could program a slider to have more flexibility on the throttle. After take off, I just pushed the slider to have a slightly higher idle. When it comes time to land, I lowered the slider to lower the engine idle. Can you help me program this operation into my new radio?

  15. I am in the process of setting up retracts for a P51. My problem is that the gear doors move too quickly and catch the retract wheel before they can close. I have adjusted the speed of servo but I need a bit of lag. I am using two servos, one for the gear doors, one for the retract air valve. Is there a way to use a Pmix to set the retract door servo to lag a bit before it activates so the wheel has time to drop far enough to clear the doors?

Heli Programming

  1. I am having a problem getting Throttle Hold to work in all throttle positions. I have tried for hours to get this set and am not having any luck, what am I doing wrong?

  2. For the 12Z, each Program Mixer submenu has 3 pages (screens). On the third page, in between the SWITCH field and DELAY field, there is a field titled MASTER. It can be set to either SLAVE or MASTER. The default setting seems to be SLAVE. This field is not pictured or mentioned in the manual. What does this setting do?

  3. I am new to helicopters and I see a lot of swash types to choose from. What do they mean and which one do I use? Also, what is eCCPM?

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