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12Z Radio System FAQ

I discovered that I am missing some functions in my 12Z. If I have PCM-G3 selected then I have two rows of F/S options available, but if I select PCM-1024, then the second row (B F/S) disappears and obviously if PPM is selected, there is no F/S option at all. Also in the End Points don't have two rows of options if I am in PCM-1024?

If you are in PCM-G3, you will be using the R5014 receiver, which will give you 12 channels. So in PCM-G3, you will see enough F/S, End Point, D/R options to account for all 12 channels.

If you are in PCM1024, and as there are only 9 channel 1024 receivers available, you will only see enough options in F/S, D/R, End Points, etc, to account for the 9 channel receiver you will need to be using.

And, if you are in PPM, there will be no F/S option, and you will see a lesser amount of other options available, as there is no 12 channel PPM receiver available.

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