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8UAF/8UAP/8UHF/8UHP Manual Notes

The 8UA and 8UH transmitters are identical as far as available programming, number of switches, etc. Both radios have all programming for aircraft and helicopters. The only difference is the lack of a ratchet in the throttle stick (the throttle is still sprung) and that the switches on the top of the radio are reversed. That is to say, on the H the trainer switch is on the right, on the A it is on the left. F and P only stands for the type of receiver shipped with the transmitter. All 4 radios can use both FM and PCM receivers.

Please download and follow the 8UA/H Super manual for use with your older 8U radio system:

PDF 8UAPS/FS Super manual (4,148K) Note: If you are having trouble opening large PDF files in your browser, right click on the file name, select "save as" and then open the file from your desktop (or wherever you stored the file).
PDF 8UHPS/FS Super manual (4,041K)

Please note that the following features do not apply to your 8U radio:

  • The 8U's digital trim buttons did not beep when moved past center.
  • The 8U's trainer function did not offer function/normal modes (see our F.A.Q. for extensive details).
  • The 8U's stop watch did not have a power-switch ON mode.
  • The 8U's F/S data direction for throttle did not change automatically when the throttle channel servo's direction is reversed.
  • The 8U's D/R and Expo were not set individually for left/right and up/down. The 8U's heli programming did not offer one dual rate per each of its 3 conditions as an option.
  • The 8U does not offer the two 5-point programmable mixes.
  • The 8U's snap roll function does not have the safety mode.
  • The 8U does not offer the 2nd aileron servo option for 5-ch receivers.
  • The 8U does not support (CCPM) SWH4, SR3, SN3 helicopter swashplate types.
  • The 8U's helicopter Offset rates do not change with the digital trims.
  • The 8U's helicopter software did not offer elevator offset.
  • The 8U's helicopter software did not offer gyro or governor programming.

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