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If you are having trouble opening large PDF files in your browser, right click on the file name, select "save as" and then open the file from your desktop (or wherever you stored the file). If you are encountering font errors when viewing or printing a manual, we suggest that you download and install the Japanese font pack.

Please note that "service manuals", "schematics" AutoCAD files or other technical drawings, except those provided with the product at original purchase, are proprietary information and are not available for sale, purchase, or loan.

What is my item's "product name"? What is it compatible with?

Surface Systems | Air Systems | Receivers | Accessories | Servos | Gyros | Speed Controls | Modules | Models (car and air)

See comments at the bottom of the chart for an explanation of the codes.
Surface Systems
Product NameManual Stock No.Futaba Manual Part No.How To Get It*Addendum
2CRn/aD60797PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
2DRn/a1M23N02601Special Order 
2E AMn/aD60022PDF D/L 1.7 MB 
2ERFUTZ85221M23N06402Special Order 
2F AMn/aD60022PDF D/L 1.7 MB 
2FRn/a1M23N09002Dealer or
PDF D/L 1.5 MB
2Gn/an/aSpecial Order 
2GAn/an/aSpecial Order 
2GSn/aD60431PDF D/L 869 KB 
2Ln/aD60304PDF D/L 359 KB 
2NB, 2NBLRn/aD60919Special Order 
2NBFR, 2NBL, 2NBRn/an/aPDF D/L 1.7 MB 
2NCR, 2NCSn/aD60656PDF D/L 1.5 MB 
2NLn/aD60292PDF D/L 859 KB 
2Pn/aD60415PDF D/L 1.6 MB 
2PB, 2PBK, 2PBKAn/aD60493PDF D/L 1.8 MB 
2PC, 2PCKAFUTZ85201M23N02402PDF D/L 156 KB 
2PD, 2PDFn/aD60491PDF D/L 1.5 MB 
2PEKAn/a1M23N06101PDF D/L 200 KB 
2PH, 2PHKAFUTZ85181M23N09802PDF D/L 282 KB 
2PK, 2PKA AMn/aD60901PDF D/L 1.5 MB 
2PLn/a1M23N12402PDF D/L 1.0 MB 
2PL 2.4GHz FHSS Sportn/a1M23N12413PDF D/L 1.5 MB 
2Vn/aD60488PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
2VR (Attack SR)FUTZ8524D60803PDF D/L 1.6 MB 
3An/an/aSpecial Order 
3EG AMn/an/aPDF D/L 1.7 MB 
3Fn/an/aSpecial Order 
3FGn/an/aSpecial Order 
3FNn/an/aPDF D/L 1.2 MB 
3FRn/a1M23N09002PDF D/L 1.5 MB 
3GR 2.4GHzn/an/aPDF D/L 971 KB 
3PBn/aD60917PDF D/L 2.1 MB 
3PDFFUTZ85301M23N02102PDF D/L 368 KB 
3PGn/aD60273PDF D/L 1.8 MB 
3PJFUTZ85311M23N01002Click here for information 
3PJSFUTZ85321M23N04902PDF D/L 2.9 MB 
3PKn/an/aPDF D/L 2.5 MB 
3PK 2.4GHzFUTZ8533n/aPDF D/L 1.0 MB 
3PKSn/a1M23N16704PDF D/L 5.5 MB 
3PL 2.4GHz FHSSn/a1M23N23002PDF D/L 703 KB 
3PM 2.4GHzn/an/aPDF D/L 1.0 MB 
3PM FM, FS, FS Pron/an/aPDF D/L 893 KB 
3PM-X 2.4GHzn/a1M23N13518PDF D/L 1.3 MB 
3PRKA 2.4GHzn/a1M23N25002PDF D/L 2.5 MB 
3PV 2.4GHzn/a1M23N31504PDF D/L 6.2 MB 
3Sn/an/aSpecial Order 
3UCPn/aD60927PDF D/L 5.9 MB 
3VCSn/an/aPDF D/L 2.4 MB 
4n/an/aPDF D/L 358 KB 
4D 4DNn/an/aPDF D/L 911 KB 
4GRSn/a1M23N29602PDF D/L 17.0 MB 
4GWDn/an/aPDF D/L 1.1 MB 
4PK 2.4GHzn/an/aPDF D/L 3.5 MB 
4PKS 2.4GHzn/a1M23N20716PDF D/L 3.4 MB 
4PKS-R 2.4GHzn/a1M23N20723PDF D/L 3.8 MB 
4PL 2.4GHz FHSSn/a1M23N24105PDF D/L 2.5 MB 
4PLS 2.4GHz FHSSn/a1M23N28302PDF D/L 2.2 MB 
4PV T-FHSS SFHSSn/a1M23N31607PDF D/L 4.3 MB 
4PX 2.4GHz FASST T-FHSS S-FHSSn/a1M23N29402PDF D/L 6.2 MB 
7PXn/a1M23N32604PDF D/L 13.2 MB 
Air Systems
Product NameManual Stock No.Futaba Manual Part No.How To Get It*Addendum
4EXAn/a1M23N15601PDF D/L 3.2 MB 
4FGE AMn/an/an/a 
4FNn/an/aPDF D/L 1.2 MB 
4Ln/an/aSpecial Order 
4NBF, 4NBPn/aD60659PDF D/L 2.1 MB 
4NBL AMn/aD60638PDF D/L 1.2 MB 
4NL AMn/aD60603PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
4VFFUTZ85401M23N01708PDF D/L 331 KB 
4YBFn/an/aPDF D/L 595 KB 
4YFn/an/aPDF D/L 719 KB 
4YF 2.4GHz FHSSn/a1M23N11409PDF D/L 466 KB 
5n/an/aPDF D/L 358 KB 
5D 5DNn/an/aPDF D/L 911 KB 
5FG, 5FG/K, 5FG/En/aD60319PDF D/L 2.3 MB 
5FNn/an/aPDF D/L 1.2 MB 
5JH FMn/an/an/a 
5JN FMn/an/an/a 
5NLH FMn/aD60400PDF D/L 1.7 MB 
5NLK FMn/aD60399PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
5NLPn/aD60401PDF D/L 1.7 MB 
5UA, 5UAF, 5UAPn/aD60466PDF D/L 435 KB 
6D, 6DNn/an/aPDF D/L 911 KB 
6DAFUTZ85701M23N08601PDF D/L 832 KB 
6EX 2.4GHzn/an/aPDF D/L 2.2 MBPDF D/L 122 KB
6EXAn/an/aClick here for information 
6EXAPn/an/aPDF D/L 2.2 MB 
6EXHn/an/aPDF D/L 3.7 MB 
6EXPn/a1M23N12013PDF D/L 1.9 MBPDF D/L 122 KB
6FG, 6FG/K, 6FG/En/aD60319PDF D/L 2.3 MB 
6FNn/an/aPDF D/L 1.2 MB 
6J 2.4GHzn/a1M23N24802PDF D/L 994 KBPDF D/L 11 KB
6Kn/an/aPDF D/L 31.9 MB 
6K V2n/an/aPDF D/L 6.4 MB 
6L Sportn/a1M23N32701PDF D/L 1.3 MB 
6NHPn/aD60402PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
6NLK AMn/aD60603PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
6NLK FMn/aD60399PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
6NPK, 6NFKn/aD60925PDF D/L 1.1 MB 
6VA (6A)n/aD60506PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
6VHn/aD60504PDF D/L 1.7 MB 
6XA, 6XHFUTZ85601M23N02003Click here for information 
6XAS 6XHSFUTZ85611M23N02010PDF D/L 1.2 MB 
6YFn/a1M23N04601PDF D/L 1.0 MB 
6YGFUTZ85621M23N04606PDF D/L 703 KB 
7Cn/an/asee page 
7C 2.4GHzn/a1M23N13612PDF D/L 2.5 MB 
7FG, 7FG/K, 7FG/En/aD60319PDF D/L 2.3 MB 
7FGHn/aD60611PDF D/L 2.5 MB 
7G "Contest 7"n/an/aPDF D/L 1.1 MB 
7NFKn/aD60494PDF D/L 1.3 MB 
7UAF, 7UAPn/aD60460PDF D/L 1.9 MB 
7UAFS, 7UAPSn/aD60473PDF D/L 6.3 MB 
7UGFSn/an/aSpecial Order 
7UHF, 7UHPn/aD60464Click here for information 
7UHFS, 7UHPSn/aD60473PDF D/L 6.3 MB 
8FG 2.4GHzn/a1M23N22201PDF D/L 4.1 MB 
8FGAS, 8FGHS 2.4GHzn/a1M23N22201PDF D/L 1.5 MB 
8Jn/a1M23N26602PDF D/L 28.2 MB 
8JNn/an/aPDF D/L 2.0 MB 
8SGAPn/aD60299PDF D/L 2.2 MB 
8SGHPn/aD60300PDF D/L 14.2 MB 
8SSAPn/aD60352PDF D/L 2.2 MB 
8SSHPn/aD60421PDF D/L 1.9 MB 
8UAF, 8UAPFUTZ85801M23N00401Click here for information 
8UHF, 8UHPFUTZ85811M23N00402Click here for information 
8UAFS, 8UAPS, 8UHFS, 8UHPSFUTZ85821M23N04803PDF D/L 4.1 MB 
9CA, 9CHFUTZ85851M23N09603Click here for information 
9CAPS, 9CAFS, 9CHPS, 9CHFS, 9CPSn/a1M23N09617PDF D/L 4.8 MB 
ALL 9ZSFUTZ8591D60497see page 
9Z*W/WC2FUTZ85901M23N02202see page 
Getting to Know 9ZFUTZ8592 see page 
9VAPn/aD60913PDF D/L 3.6 MB 
9VHPn/aD60914PDF Pt. 1 - 1.7 MB
Pt. 2 - 2.0 MB
10C 2.4GHzn/a1M23N21003PDF D/L 2.8 MB 
10CG 2.4GHzn/a1M23N21007PDF D/L 2.6 MB 
10Jn/a1M23N29204PDF D/L 4.2 MBPDF D/L 157 KB
12FGn/a1M23N18902PDF D/L 1.7 MB 
12KA, 12KHn/a1M23N33602PDF D/L 167 MB 
12Zn/a1M23N18902PDF D/L 4.3 MB 
14MZn/an/aPDF D/L 21.2 MB 
14MZ Quick Start Guide - Airplanesn/an/aPDF D/L 382 KB 
14MZ Quick Start Guide - Helisn/an/aPDF D/L 250 KB 
14SG 2.4GHzn/a1M23N27902PDF D/L 4.2 MB 
16SZn/a1M23N32904PDF D/L 10.3 MB 
18MZ 2.4GHzn/a1M23N26403PDF D/L 15.4 MB 
18SZ 2.4GHzn/a1M23N30202PDF D/L 9.2 MB 
Product NameManual Stock No.Futaba Manual Part No.How To Get It*Addendum
R203GFn/a1M23N17445PDF D/L 360 KB 
R204GF-En/a1M23N17456PDF D/L 344 KB 
R303FHSn/a1M23N17001PDF D/L 194 KB 
R304SBn/a1M23N28502PDF D/L 663 KB 
R304SB-En/a1M23N28504PDF D/L 597 KB 
R324SBSn/a1M23N17492PDF D/L 625 KB 
R334SBSn/a1M23N17493PDF D/L 837 KB 
R603FSn/a1M23N17402PDF D/L 222 KB 
R614FF-En/a1M23N17457PDF D/L 340 KB 
R614FSn/a1M23N17448PDF D/L 327 KB 
R616FFMn/a1M23N21204PDF D/L 255 KB 
R617FSn/a1M23N21301PDF D/L 257 KB 
R2001SBn/a1M23N32102PDF D/L 607 KB 
R2004GFn/a1M23N17436PDF D/L 307 KB 
R2008SBn/a1M23N17452PDF D/L 536 KB 
R2104GFn/a1M23N17432PDF D/L 348 KB 
R2106GFn/a1M23N17446PDF D/L 180 KB 
R3001SBn/a1M23N32502PDF D/L 706 KB 
R3006SBn/a1M23N17485PDF D/L 823 KB 
R3008SBn/a1M23N17481PDF D/L 310 KB 
R3106GFn/a1M23N32801PDF D/L 617 KB 
R6004FFn/a1M23N17417PDF D/L 544 KB 
R6008HSn/a1M23N17413PDF D/L 493 KB 
R6014HSn/a1M23N17413PDF D/L 493 KB 
R6106HF / HFCn/a1M23N17447PDF D/L 332 KB 
R6108SBn/a1M23N17424PDF D/L 526 KB 
R6202SBWn/a1M23N17450PDF D/L 646 KB 
R6203SBn/a1M23N17437PDF D/L 604 KB 
R6203SBEn/a1M23N17443PDF D/L 177 KB 
R6208SBn/a1M23N17434PDF D/L 703 KB 
R6303SBn/a1M23N17462PDF D/L 709 KB 
R6303SBEn/a1M23N17464PDF D/L 641 KB 
R7003SBn/a1M23N17495PDF D/L 827 KB 
R7006SBn/a1M23N31002PDF D/L 830 KB 
R7008SBn/a1M23N17454PDF D/L 790 KB 
R7014SBn/a1M23N32201PDF D/L 837 KB 
R7018SBn/a1M23N30102PDF D/L 1.1 MB 
Product NameManual Stock No.Futaba Manual Part No.How To Get It*Addendum
BPS-1 RPM Sensorn/a1M23N25101PDF D/L 638 KB 
BR3000 Battery Checkern/a1M23N26001PDF D/L 697 KB 
CDR-5000 Chargern/an/aPDF D/L 866 KB 
CIU-2n/a1M23N19202PDF D/L 177 KB 
CIU-3n/a1M23N31202PDF D/L 83 KB 
CR-2000 DC Peak Chargern/a1M23N11702PDF D/L 415 KB 
CR-2500 Chargern/a1M23N15202PDF D/L 435 KB 
DT1 Tachn/an/aPDF D/L 65 KB 
FBC-I Chargern/an/aPDF D/L 139 KB 
FC1 Flight Checkern/an/aPDF D/L 7 KB 
FSU2n/a1M23N14902PDF D/L 66 KB 
MPDX-1n/a1M23N16801PDF D/L 1.2 MB 
MSA-10n/a1M23N11101PDF D/L 459 KB 
PA1n/a1M23N00702Click here for information 
PA2n/a1M23N06202PDF D/L 2.0 MB 
RS301CR, RS302CDn/a PDF D/L 601 KB 
SBS-01An/a1M23N26710PDF D/L 743 KB 
SBS-01Gn/a1M23N26705PDF D/L 1.1 MB 
SBS-01RBn/a1M23N26727PDF D/L 421 KB 
SBS-01RMn/a1M23N26707PDF D/L 947 KB 
SBS-01ROn/a1M23N26716PDF D/L 943 KB 
SBS-01Tn/a1M25A11701PDF D/L 896 KB 
SBS-01Vn/a1M23N26714PDF D/L 755 KB 
WTR-7n/a1M23N17420PDF D/L 251 KB 
Product NameManual Stock No.Futaba Manual Part No.How To Get It*Addendum
S.Bus Servosn/a1M23N23304PDF D/L 411 KB 
S16G, S126Gn/an/aPDF D/L 105 KB 
S5801n/a1M23N00805PDF D/L 272 KB 
SBC-1n/a1M23N23101PDF D/L 518 KB 
SBD-1n/a1M23N23401PDF D/L 589 KB 
SBE-1n/a1M23N25701PDF D/L 159 KB 
Product NameManual Stock No.Futaba Manual Part No.How To Get It*Addendum
CGY750n/a1M23N24914PDF D/L 7.9 MBPDF D/L 287 KB
G132n/aD60266PDF D/L 712 KB 
G133, G133BBn/aD60792PDF D/L 803 KB 
G134n/aD60598PDF D/L 416 KB 
G152n/aD60266PDF D/L 712 KB 
G153, G153BBn/aD60792PDF D/L 803 KB 
G154n/aD60598PDF D/L 416 KB 
G190n/a1M23N15502PDF D/L 1.0 MB 
G301n/a1M23N03802Special Order 
G501n/aD60510PDF D/L 1.0 MB 
GV-1n/a1M23N02902PDF D/L 290 KB 
GY240n/a PDF D/L 135 KB 
GY401n/a PDF D/L 240 KB 
GY430n/a1M23N27202PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
GY440n/a1M23N30602PDF D/L 1.1 MB 
GY501n/a1M23N04302PDF D/L 886 KB 
GY502n/a PDF D/L 228 KB 
GY520n/a1M23N21902PDF D/L 1.3 MB 
GY601n/a PDF D/L 239 KB 
GY611n/a PDF D/L 1.9 MB 
GY701n/a1M23N23906PDF D/L 577 KB 
GY701 Quick Startn/a PDF D/L 163 KB 
GYA350n/a1M23N07403PDF D/L 313 KB 
GYA351n/a1M23N07404PDF D/L 323 KB 
GYA352n/a1M23N07408PDF D/L 522 KB 
GYA430n/a1M23N27302PDF D/L 1.9 MB 
GYA431n/a1M23N27402PDF D/L 1.8 MB 
GYA440n/a1M23N30702PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
GYA441n/a1M23N30802PDF D/L 1.4 MB 
GYA460n/a1M23N12746PDF D/L 406 KB 
GYC430n/a1M23N27502PDF D/L 1.3 MB 
GYC440n/a1M23N30902PDF D/L 1.0 MB 
Speed Controls
Product NameManual Stock No.Futaba Manual Part No.How To Get It*Addendum
MC112Bn/a Special Order 
MC114n/aD60726Special Order 
MC210CBn/a PDF D/L 476 KB 
MC230CRn/a1M23N08202PDF D/L 163 KB 
MC330CRn/a1M23N08204PDF D/L 163 KB 
MC401CRn/a1M23N20402PDF D/L 208 KB 
MC601Cn/a1M23N19502PDF D/L 227 KB 
MC800C V2n/a1M23N14302PDF D/L 171 KB 
MC850Cn/a1M23N17902PDF D/L 184 KB 
MC950CRn/a1M23N21502PDF D/L 229 KB 
MCR4An/aD60624PDF D/L 983 KB 
Product NameManual Stock No.Futaba Manual Part No.How To Get It*Addendum
TM-14n/a1M23N20001PDF D/L 517 KB 
TM-7n/a1M23N19802PDF D/L 804 KB 
TM-8n/a1M23N20101PDF D/L 552 KB 
TM-FH RF & R2006GSn/a1M23N25803PDF D/L 1.2 MB 
Models (car and air)
Product NameManual Stock No.Futaba Manual Part No.How To Get It*Addendum
FX10 Carn/an/aPDF D/L 9.4 MB 
FX-40n/a1M23N16401PDF D/L 2.4 MB 
FXT Truckn/an/aSpecial Order 
Professor 40 ARFn/an/aSpecial Order 

* Dealer - those items listed with a futaba stock # (example: FUTZ8524) may be ordered from your dealer. All other items may be special ordered.
Special Order - product is discontinued and the manual is not available in regular stock. However, it can be special ordered and we will send out our file copy for photo copying. To special order a manual, please print this page and provide to your dealer with the manual you desire clearly labeled. Your dealer can then contact Great Planes Customer Service and special order a copy of the manual for you. Customer Service will let the dealer know the cost of the replication. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
Download (D/L) - manual is available in an easy-to-use PDF file format which requires Adobe Reader 3.0 or higher to view and/or print. Click on link in PDF column to download file. If you do not have the reader program, you may download it from Adobe's Web site: Adobe Reader Download Page.
N/A - not applicable. Item is either a special order or an older item without a Futaba stock number. The entire, EXACT line listing shown here is sufficient to special order these items.
 All Manuals are in English.

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