FASSTPak-S R603FS 2-S9351 Make one radio do the work of two, three, four... or more!

Every R/C hobbyist who owns two models or more has the problem: how to operate them all and do so affordably. Buying a radio system for each is the easiest answer, but also the most expensive. Swapping one set of on-board gear among several models is the least expensive, but also the most time-consuming. Assembling extra sets of gear piece by piece is time consuming—and still can't match the all-in-one completeness, cost-savings or quality of a Futaba FASSTPak.

  • Provide the essentials of on-board gear at a low package price, minimizing shopping time and equipment cost.

  • Allow one radio system to control multiple models, eliminating the need for (and cost of) multiple radio systems.

  • Require only one-time installation.

Stock Number: FUTL1170

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