Easy 1-button setup!

Step up into setup ease and efficiency

Older Speed Controls
MC330CR - FUTM0932

Compare Futaba's MC330CR to a mechanical control, and you'll quickly realize: there is no comparison.

Instead of the notchy, all-or-none response of a mechanical control, there's a smooth transition from one speed to the next, in forward and reverse. Setup requires pressing a single button, rather than repeated attempts to get things just right. In place of the combined weight of a mechanical control and the servo that controls it, there's the lighter weight (and greater versatility) of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Components. And instead of having to invest in separate controls for sport driving and racing, there's a single control that does both.

  • Robotically assembled of SMT components for lighter, more compact designs and more resistance to vibration and impact damage.

  • High-frequency (1500Hz) switching provides smoother, faster response throughout the speed range, and helps extend run time.

  • Auto shut-down feature offers protection against short circuits, current overload or excessive temperature - fail-safe circuitry prevents unit from rebooting until problem is solved.

  • Reverse lock-out feature eliminates the need for (and cost of) separate sport and ROAR-legal controls.

  • Low battery feature reserves control power by automatically cutting power to the motor.

  • "Forget-me-not" feature sounds an alarm and "pulses" the vehicle forward if the receiver is not turned off before the transmitter.

  • Includes BEC for additional weight-space-savings and factory-installed Futaba J receiver, Bullet motor and JST Battery connectors.

  • Download the manual

Stock #ModelDimensions (in.)Weight (oz.)CapacityMotor LimitCurrent (fwd/rev)Wire 
FUTM0932MC330CR1.07 x 1.31 x 0.501.596-7 Cells13+ turns200A/100A14 ga.

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