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Meet Team Futaba

January, 2016

Team Futaba at the Superstition IMAC Challenge

L-R: Bill Adams, Rusty Fried, Kevin Garland, Frank Kelley, Spencer Nordquist

October, 2015

Team Futaba at Tucson Aerobatic Shootout

Left: Andrew Jesky won the Invitational Class
Right: Gabriel Altuz won the Freestyle Competition.

Gabriel Altuz won the Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Freestyle contest using a Futaba 18MZ!

Andrew Jesky won Tucson Aerobatic Shootout. Kevin Young (caller).

Team Futaba pilot Spencer Nordquist won the "Unlimited" Class at the Tucson Aerobatic Shootout.

Team Futaba at a local Harley Davidson dealer event

Team Futaba member Jerry Smith was asked to perform at an event at the local Harley Davidson dealer in Paducah Kentucky. He said it made a lot of noise and drew huge crowd.

Team Futaba at the Visalia Soaring Contest

L-R: Darwin Barrie and Edgar Vera

Darwin took 1st place in 2M Class and Edgar placed 5th in Open Class.

September, 2015

Team Futaba at the "Trout Farm" RC Club in Central Alberta Canada Fun Fly

L-R: Chad Northeast & Will Gross

Team Futaba at the DLG (Discus Launch Glider) NATS

Ryan Gonsoulin placed 3rd overall and his son, Ryan Michael, won the "junior" class.

August, 2015

Team Futaba at the St. Clairsville Pattern Contest

L-R: Mark Radcliff (8th Place/Masters), Robert Caglia (1st Place/Masters), Matt Kloss (2nd Place/Intermediate)

US Heli Nationals clean sweep by Team Futaba

L-R: Tim DiPeri, Dwight Shilling, Gordie Meade, Nob Muraki, Dennis Purduski

July, 2015

Team Futaba at the F3A Pattern Nationals

L-R: Robert Caglia 1st, Chris Gini 2nd

Team Futaba at the Pylon Nationals in Muncie, Indiana

Father/son team Marcus and Bryan Blanchard won the Q500 Class at the Pylon Nationals. This makes the second national championship for Marcus, who scored his first 2002.

Jim Allen placed first in Quarter Midget US Nationals (Pylon): "I started out the first round of qualifying with a 1:02.26 that ended up being fast time for all of qualifying with only a few people withing 2 seconds of me. I put my Strega away and got out my Proud Bird QM back-up and finished qualifying, making the finals easily. In the finals, I started out with a 1:01.07 and followed in the second round with a 1:01.53. From there, I flew the next three rounds getting out in front and only going as fast as I had to and went on to win by 2 points over 2nd place. The 1:01.07 stood for fast time of the event too. Mark Parker called for me in Gary Schmidt's absence and did a great job for me."

May, 2015

Team Futaba at the Bakersfield, California IMAC contest

L-R: Garrett Morrison, Kirt Campbell, Frank Kelley, Matt Stringer, Rob Sarlan

Mesa AZ Pattern Contest

L-R: Chris Gini - Kirt Campbell - Rusty Fried - Bill Adams

Space City Pattern Classic

Scott McHarg - 1st place at the Space City Pattern Classic, Katy Texas

Top Gun

Jack Buckley - 4th Place in Expert at Top Gun - Lakeland, FL

Mike Barbee - 3rd Place in Expert at Top Gun - Lakeland, FL

Frank Noll/Mike Barbee - 2nd Place in Team Scale at Top Gun - Lakeland, FL

March, 2015

Denis Lyon Memorial Race

This past weekend, at the Denis Lyon Memorial race, Jim Allen flew both 426 Q500 and 422 Quarter Midget, scoring 2nd in Quickie on Saturday and 1st on Sunday along with fast time both days. In Quarter Midget, he got third and fast time both days but the highlight of the weekend was breaking the National Record and resetting it with a 0:57.22 second time, over 0.6 faster than the 8 year old previous record.

October, 2014

US F3J Tour

The inaugural US F3J Tour has completed its first year with a lot of momentum. There were competitions in Phoenix, Houston, Denver, Muncie, Albuquerque, and final stop was on the east coast.

It's a fantastic concept, and helps bring some recognition and prestige to F3J in the US. Daryl Perkins (pictured) was fortunate enough to win it this year making Futaba the National J Tour Champion.

September, 2014

Cleveland Airshow

L-R: Tom Erb, Paul Soha

Mark Radcliff

August, 2014

Chad Northeast. Plane: Avanti (jet). 18MZ Guidance

Jerry Smith. Plane: Jerry's Big Fun. 14SG Guidance

May, 2014

Bakersfield, California IMAC Contest

L-R: Frank Kelley, Rusty Fried, Bill Adams, Garrett Morrison, Rob Sarlan

Pattern in the Valley Contest

1st Place: Chad Northeast
2nd Place: Michi Akimoto

Top Gun Scale Contest in Lakeland Florida, April 30-May 4, 2014.

L-R: Dennis Crooks, Jack Buckley, Mike Barbee, Dean Copeland, Brian & Bonnie Omeara, Dave and Vicki Pinegar

April, 2014

Team Futaba pilots at the Bear Mountain Spring IMAC Classic April 12-13, 2014

L-R: Bill Adams, Rob Sarlan, Garrett Morrison, Rusty Fried, Frank Kelley

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