• T16SZ 2.4GHz FASSTest 16-Channel Computer System.  Step up to 16-channel versatility.
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Introducing the 16SZ

Looking for a feature-packed and versatile system with the freedom of 16 channels? You can stop looking, because the 16SZ is it.

Not only is the 16SZ compatible with FASSTest, FASST, T-FHSS and S-FHSS protocols, but it also includes a large 4.3” LCD touch screen, full telemetry and an R7008SB S.Bus2 high-voltage receiver, too.

Want to know more about the 16SZ? Check out the features below and visit this webpage for more updates. Look for the 16SZ at your favorite dealer this summer.


  • FASSTest, FASST, T-FHSS and S-FHSS protocols.
  • 4.3” LCD touch screen.
  • Full telemetry compatible.
  • 30-model memory.
  • 10 programmable mixes.
  • 15-character naming.
  • S.Bus servo programmer.
  • R7008SB receiver.
  • Swash and throttle mixing.
  • V-tail mixing.
  • EPA.
  • Adjustable servo speed.
  • 8 flight conditions.
  • 3-axis gyro support.
  • Software-updateable.
  • Micro memory card slot.
  • Voice message/audio earphone jack.
  • Up/down/integral timer.
  • Lap timer/memory.
  • …and much, much more!

Where can I get it?

The 16SZ is coming soon to a hobby shop near you. Contact your local hobby shop to request it when it comes in stock.

Contact My Local Hobby Shop

When can I get it?

The 16SZ will be available in hobby shops summer 2017. Sign up below to be notified when it comes in stock.

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