7-Channel 2.4GHz System

Programming simplicity meets 2.4GHz safety and sophistication.

The 7C sits squarely in the middle ground in computer systems. It's a system that offers much of the 9C's set-up versatility matched to 4-channel ease of use. Like all other computer systems on this page, it offers Dial 'n Key™ simplicity for programming, and the 2.4GHz FASST system for an unparalleled RF link.

7CA w/4 S3152

7CA Tx/Rx Only

7CH Tx/Rx Only


Includes a 7-gram* R617FS receiver that measures only 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.35 in (40 x 27 x 9 mm).

* weight w/o case.

Please note: Futaba 7C FASST system is also compatible with the R606FS and R607FS receivers.


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7C 7-Channel 2.4GHz System

7C System Specifics:
  • Available with 4 S3152 digital high-torque servos (FUTK7000); or 4 S3001 ball bearing servos (FUTK7003)

  • Dial 'n Key programming

  • Airplane/heli software

  • Assignable switches/functions

  • Up/down timer

  • Mode 1-4 selectable (modes 3 and 4 available via transmitter software)

  • Large 72 x 32 LCD screen with adjustable contrast

  • 10-model memory

  • 6-character model naming

  • Digital trims, trim memory, EPA, sub-trims and servo reversing (all channels)

  • Dual/Triple rates* (aileron/elevator/rudder)

  • Exponential (aileron/elevator/rudder)

  • Adjustable throttle cut

  • Fail-safe

  • NT8S600B 600mAh Tx NiCd w/dual-output charger

  • Trainer system (cord required)

  • Flap switch

  • Retract switch

  • Variable rate knob (channel 6)


spacer Airplane Advanced Menu:
  • Ailevator feature simplifies dual servo set-ups on elevators

  • 3 programmable mixes

  • Flaperon

  • Flap trim

  • Air brake

  • Elevator to flap mixing

  • V-tail mixing

  • Elevon mixing

  • Aileron to rudder mixing

  • Snap roll
spacer Helicopter Advanced Menu:
  • Governor select makes it possible to match rpm/blade speed to maneuvers

  • Swash to throttle mixing helps heli pilots keep their rpm steady

  • 3 programmable mixes

  • Throttle curve (5-point normal, idle up 1 & 2)

  • Pitch curve (5-point normal, idle up 1 & 2)

  • Revo mixing

  • Gyro mixing

  • Hovering throttle

  • Hovering pitch

  • Throttle hold

  • Trim offset

  • 6 swash plate set-ups (5 CCPM options)

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Product Flier
Stock # System Mode Modulation Servos Receiver Rx NiCd Tx NiCd  
FUTK7000 7CA FASST 2 FASST (4) S3152 R617FS NR4J 600mAh NT8S600B 600mAh
FUTK7004 7CA FASST 2 FASST R617FS NT8S600B 600mAh
FUTK7005 7CH FASST 2 FASST R617FS NT8S600B 600mAh

7C Manual

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