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Servo Horns

Servo Horns photo
  • All FSH6-Series Horns (FUTM1980-2035) are splined and fit S28/29/30/31/32/38/48 servos

Tech Notes
Stock Numbers:
FUTM1980 FSH6E Servo Horn S28/48 - Long Arm
FUTM1985 FSH6F Servo Horn F-Spline - Small X

FUTM2000 FSH6R Servo Horn S28/48 - C-disc

FUTM2010 FSH6S Servo Horn S28/48 - B-Star

FUTM2020 FSH6W Servo Horn S28/48 - D-Wheel

FUTM2030 FSH6X Servo Horn S28/48 - A-X

FUTM2035 FSH6G Servo Horn S34/134/134G

FUTM2040 FSH11 Servo Horn Screw & Washer

FUTM2258 FSH38 Sail Arm S3801/125

Servo Horns chart

Aluminum Servo Horns

Aluminum Servo Horns
  • Aluminum construction makes them more durable than stock plastic horns.

  • All come with pre-drilled starter holes.

  • A variety of colors allows modelers to customize their model.

  • Available in six different sizes for large-scale airplanes, and two standard sizes for R/C cars.

Tech Notes
Airplane Horns Silver Red Blue
1" Double FUTM2110
1.5" Single FUTM2115
1" Single FUTM2120
Car Horns Silver Red Blue
20 mm (0.8") Double FUTM2125
20 mm (0.8") Single FUTM2130

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